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Danielle. 16 years young. Australia baby. Previously teenage-imp3rfections x
"Fashions fade, style is eternal." — Yves Saint-Laurent

So, I don’t really have an exciting life but I’ve been through quite a lot so i thought I would share it with the world. Im 16 years old and I’ve dealt with a dysfunctional family, fights, drama, deaths and my most recent addition, heartbreak. 2 years ago a boy came into my life, someone who i instantly fell for and it sounds weird but thought I found that person that you see in movies and hear about in love songs. During those 2 years, i fell in love. Im definitely not the girl who puts herself out there, I don’t trust people and i sure as hell don’t let people in, especially boys. But he was different, in so many ways. Every time we spoke i felt my heart beat faster and I would smile like a little girl every time he called my beautiful. But I don’t feel like that anymore, I’m not the girl i used to be. We went through a lot and him not being with another girl clearly means that he has moved on. But why haven’t i? its been a year since we ended things and i still find myself caught in tis crazy web of hurt. I guess along the way i hoped we would find our way and end up together like we planned, but as time goes by i know that it was all just a stupid dream that will never come true. I wish i could move on, because trust me i want to. But every time i think i am, something always happens that makes me fall into his arms again. Im constantly getting asked whats happening between us and each time i give the same answer, nothing. After everything we went through, the way to describe our relationship is nothing. Yeah it hurts, its hurt more than anything but i guess i need to start learning that not everything is going to be easy. I need to move on, and I’m not quite sure why i am fighting for something when the battle was lost a long time ago. I’m writing this because i need to get it all out, and if anyone is actually reading this to tell them to never settle on anything less than what you deserve. I wish someone told me that, because i wouldn’t be in this situation if they did. Never settle, because at the end of the day its your happiness that if being effected. Im 16 years old, I’m supposed to be out enjoying life, but I’m at home writing about my heartbreak on tumblr. Never settle, because you sure as hell don’t want to end up miserable like me. 

- Cocoa-creme